Finding a home on the roads should be as easy as making friends online. We want you to be able to book great monthly pads, without having to worry about leases, language barriers or living with weirdos!


Our Mission

To create a community built around sharing space. We want to open-source housing. Finding a temporary home while traveling should be easy as pie, and for more and more individuals, home is not longer a place. So through community, technology, and trust; we are setting out to change the way nomads live and find home.

Long term travel is not an act of rebellion against society; it’s an act of common sense within society.
— Rolf Potts, Expert Vagabond

Advantages of joining Nomad Pad

  • Meet great like-minded people.
  • Find fairly priced living arrangements.
  • Live lease-free.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Global meetups and gatherings
  • Great content and star nomad showcases.
  • Find home anywhere.